DataNub Technologies is a data driven company which guides the organization to march towards growth by engineering and analysing the factual as well as residual data. We are a team of passionate experts committed in the area of Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Academy and Data Wits.

We believe that providing right solutions for the complexity in the business process is our strength. DataNub enables organizations to become more innovative and efficient. While we partner with our customers, we study and understand the complexity in the organizational process, develop and/or create innovative technological solutions to improve their organizational capabilities such that their business growth is constructive.

We trust in continuous improvement and strengthening our team by enabling them to learn and align with latest technologies.



To be pioneers in leveraging the power of DATA by modeling and/or remodeling data through predictive analysis, considering the residual data that helps in efficiently managing every eagraiocht Better Than NORMAL.


To engage with innovative and new-ideas using data-driven technology by accepting the retention challenges in machine critical environments and transforming into real-time avenir appliance.

1. Data Science - Data storming, to retain the business as it is and the sole purpose of the need IT-centric and flexibility, creating, retention challenges, innovation transforming, revolution of data

2. Data Engineering - Integration of cross platforms.

3. Data Analytics - Enormous velocity of structured and unstructured data extracted in various forms, models, predictive analysis, algorithm core those are data-driven are collated, combined, interpreted, utilized and integrated as per business requirements, guiding the organization growth at every stage.

4. Data Wits - Expertise, utilize data to improve productivity. Keep in par with the amount of data flow, reshaping the data - data preparation.

5. Data Academy - Foundation for developing systemic solutions for organizations to manage and/or enrich their knowledge for their own new tools or applications.