Data Academy

DataNub provides ideal opportunities to enrich the knowledge for their employees to take steps towards Organizational excellence.

Organizational excellence is desired by every business, but sometimes organizations are directionless. It has often been said that 'change is the only constant in any businesses' which is true due to the advent of new technologies.

Data Academy is a theoretical foundation for developing systemic solutions for organizations to manage and/or enrich their knowledge for their own new tools or applications. We study and understand the process for creating a strategy and design based on the requirement and technological aspects that will enable organizations to achieve their management strategy.

The outsourcing services industry is going through a continuous challenge. The ability to find the right resources, time to market . It is a strategy which is used to staff a project and respond to the objectives

DataNub presumes that knowledge enrichment is the calibre for the organization's growth. As there is no shortcut to success, there is no shortcut to achieve organizational excellence.

Knowledge must be shared to others which paves a path to increase observatism, measurement and optimization of the company's knowledge bank/economy. How learning is important, Unlearning is equally important to learn new things.

The calibre of the organization is about propagating and adopting to the new technic, methodologies and its usage. Our employees who are trained periodically to achieve this supremacy, provide training on the completed system and the organizational development interventions necessary to ensure that management and the members of the organization have the ease to use the same. .